Printer Test Page

Types of Printer Test Page

Printer Test Page

Printer Test Page

When you have a new printer connected to your computer it is always wise to do a printer test page. Even for a recently cleaned printer, you need to do a test page to see if the printer is working fine. It helps check whether the connections are secure, if the printer driver is working and if the printer is clean. You can easily see if the output or printer test page has blemishes or smudges. These problems need to be addressed first before you can continue printing.

You can print a test page from the printer or from the printer software.


Menu button on the printer

More advanced printers now have an on-printer menu. On the onboard menu, you can access the settings of the printer, order the printer to copy, scan or fax documents and images, clean the printer and print a printer test page. Check your printer’s documentation to learn about the different things you can do using the printer’s menu button. Locate the menu button on your printer and find the appropriate command on the menu that will print a test page. Once the printer test page comes out, you can evaluate whether your printer is printing properly or if there are problems that need to be addressed.


Printer menu via manufacturer’s software

Every printer comes with software that is installed into the computer. Open your printer’s software. Locate the menu that displays the commands “align cartridges,” “clean cartridges,” and “print test page.” When you see the print test page command, simply power on the printer, wait for the self-check to end, then click on the print test page command. Evaluate your printer’s condition based on the print out.

A printer test page can tell you a lot of things about your printer. Some manufacturers include in the test page information like the printer’s serial number, version of the firmware, history of errors, number of pages printed, copied or scanned and other vital information. When you suspect that your printer is not printing as it should, print a test page so you can remedy the situation.